An international community committed to making business work

What is ONE1?

ONE1 is an international community which is about making business work. ONE1 aims to increase impact, support the start-up and growth of businesses, encourage and motivate the development of social enterprises and promote practical ways of achieving economic independence.

Who ONE1 is for?

ONE1 is for the enterprising and the entrepreneurial, including: self-employed, social enterprises, start-ups, micros, SOHOs, early growth businesses, community businesses, educators, leaders.

What ONE1 does?

ONE1 is aimed at making business work. Therefore, the community offers member driven content which includes: access to experts, training, professional development, new partnership opportunities, showcase your business and operations, news, business opportunities, a transparent membership directory, learning and sharing platforms, ask key questions for your business or business idea.

What is ONE1?

A community to make business work better.

An international community for the self-employed, micro businesses, start-ups, early growth businesses, SOHOs, social enterprises, community businesses, leaders, new businessmen and women and those who aspire to be involved with and in businesses of all sizes, shapes and types.

A community that:

  • focuses on making their businesses work better.
  • supports each other to make businesses work for more impact and more income.
  • connects members from different countries to increase learning, sharing, sales, impact, skills and networking
  • thrives on the contributions of its members
  • uses sharing, partnership working, mutual support, learning and social impact as its main currency
  • has a mission of economic independence and choice for individuals, communities, marginalised groups, regions and organisations.
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Who is it for?

We are an international community for start-ups, micros, business ideas and enterprising people – including communities, educators, aspiring entrepreneurs, community enterprises

People who want to start a business, make a difference, grow a business, lead change, build economic independence.

We believe that knowledge, experiences, values, partnerships should be worldwide. This is because knowledge enables individuals, communities, groups and regions to become empowered to achieve economic independence. Therefore, we help these individuals connect with each other through ONE1 community.

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