Everything you need to know about ONE1

The idea behind ONE1

ONE1 is the idea of Duncan Chamberlain, a British entrepreneur and educationalist.Duncan had been inspired and motivated to form ONE1 by the many small businesses, freelancers, self employed, young & aspiring entrepreneurs, social enterprises and micro-businesses that he met during his work as an investor, coach and businessman. The idea behind ONE1 is to support people, communities, organisations, marginalised groups, aspiring business people of any age and young people wanting a business career via an online learning, sharing, mutualistic and connected community.

Duncan’s mission is to help create economic independence for individuals, communities, marginalised groups and provinces – local impacts and socio-economic & environmental sustainability on a global scale. This mission is the driving force behind Duncan’s main company, Bridging to the Future (BTF) (www.bttf.org.uk) and it is BTF who hosts ONE1 and has invested in its creation.

After much discussion and much listening to stakeholders in eleven countries, Duncan’s team in London developed the ONE1 concept as a place to be inspired, connected, supported and to learn and expand markets. Networking and partnership are at the core of ONE1.

The range of services is designed to practically support an international membership

  • Webinars
  • Short training & information films
  • Blogs
  • Business English support from native UK speakers
  • News
  • Resources
  • Forums
  • Directory of members
Membership fee

ONE1 costs a membership fee of just £99 per year – plus a hope that all members will contribute to the ONE1 community.

The emphasis is on members helping members – you can ask for help, ideas, new partnerships, training, etc and offer these back to your peers as will. A community based on mutual exchange and growth which enables the network and the members to become stronger and more sustainable.